Posted On: November 29, 2016

BE IT RESOLVED, the Board of Trustees for the Anderson School District No. 41, of Gallatin County, State of Montana authorizes the removal/disposal of  Library Books, a list is available in the office, after the proper posting requirement, per Section 20-6-604, MCA:

These books will be kept in the Anderson School Library for 25 days, during which time public members can view and take any of the books they desire.  The dates available for review are November 18-December 12, 2016.

Nov. 29 Panther Paw Newsletter

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Holiday Bazaar Thursday, December 8 3-7PM

Posted On: November 18, 2016

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Nov. 9 Panther Paw Newsletter

Posted On: November 9, 2016

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Pre K Developmental Screening Day, Nov. 18 12:30-3:30pm

Posted On: November 7, 2016

November 18, 2016 – 12:30 -3:30PM

Anderson School

Contact Betty Layton to schedule a time for your child’s screening or if you have questions


*Available to ALL children in  Anderson School District ages birth-5 years old*

What is Developmental Screening Day?

Skills such as taking first steps, saying those first words and learning early concepts are referred to as “milestones of development”.  The range of “average” developmental attainment of these milestones for young children can be broad.

Developmental screenings are used by doctors, nurses, early interventionists and educators to determine whether a child is reaching developmental markers. Every fall, Anderson offers an opportunity to participate in a free screening of developmental milestones for children ages birth to five years. This screening is brought to you because of a collaborative effort between Anderson School, Gallatin-Madison Special Education Cooperative, Family Outreach Services and the Region IV Hearing Conservation Program. On Anderson’s “Developmental Day,” the following areas will be screened:

  • Gross motor: using large groups of muscles to perform physical activities, such as sitting, standing, walking, etc.
  • Fine motor: using hands and fingers to be perform physical activities such as drawing dressing, playing, writing, etc.
  • Language: communicating with and understanding others
  • Cognitive: Thinking skills such learning, problem-solving, reasoning, and memory.
  • Social: Interacting with others, playing and cooperating; understanding and responding to the feelings of others
  • Hearing

Specialists are present to visit with you about any questions you might have and typical development as well as provide resources to support you, the parent, in raising a healthy and happy child! Please join us on this fun day.

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