Sports Schedule

Boys Basketball

Unless noted, the 5/6th grade team will start @ 4 followed by the 7/8th grade game  @ 5

Date                          Notes/Team           Team                  Location

November 7                                                  Bear Canyon             Bear Canyon

November 11                                         Manhattan Christian Tournament (7th/8th only)

November 13                                                   Homeschool            Anderson

November 14                                                  Gateway                     Gateway

November 28          3 Games                    Manhattan Christian        Anderson

                                    5th Grade @ 4pm, 6th grade @ 5pm, 7/8th grade @ 6pm

November 30           3 Games                   Monforton               Monforton

                                  5th Grade @ 4pm, 6th grade @ 5pm, 7/8th grade @ 6pm

December 2          Manhattan Christian Tournament (5th/6th only)

December 5                                                Heritage                  Anderson

December 6                                                St. Mary’s              Livingston


December 12                                               Amsterdam             Anderson

(5th grade game followed by a 6th grade game)

December 13                                                 Petra                     Anderson

December 19          7th/8th Season Championship Tournament @ Heritage/Petra


Girls Basketball

Date                                      Team                       Location

Jan 16th                               Bear Canyon      Anderson

Jan 25th                               Gateway              Anderson

Jan 30th                               Homeschool

Feb 5h                                  MC                         MC

Feb 8th                                 Monforton         Anderson

Feb 12th                              Heritage               Heritage

Feb 13                                   Ophir                     Ophir

Feb 20th                              Amsterdam  Amsterdam

Feb 22                                   Petra                     Anderson

January 20th      Tournament @ monforton or Anderson or gateway for 7th and 8th

Feb 2nd                               5/6 tournament and MC

Feb 26th              End of year Tournament @ MC