Athletic Contract


Anderson School Athletic Policy/Contract


At Anderson School our philosophy is for every child to be given the opportunity to participate and to be successful in any athletic event.  Coaches, teachers, and parents encourage the successes and offer support of all athletes as they demonstrate exceptional effort and outstanding sportsmanship in all competitions.

Expectations of Student Participants

  1. A current sports physical must be given to the coach before first day of practice. No Exceptions!
  2. Parents and students MUST read, sign and return the “Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Custodian Concussion Statement” before first day of practice.  No exceptions!
  3. Be on time for practice. This means on the floor or field, ready to go when practice is scheduled to start. Practice time is quality time. If you do not practice, you may not play.
  4. Player attendance is VITAL.  If you are going to be on a team, BE on a team.  Players are expected to attend all practices and games.  There is a lot of information covered in practice and an athlete can fall quickly behind if a practice is missed.  It is imperative that the coach be contacted if he/she will not be at practice.  We understand illness; appointments, etc. however, please notify your coach of these arrangements.  Players who miss practice, excused or not, should expect less playing time than those who attend practice.  On game day, students must be in attendance by 1:00 pm in order to play in that day’s game. Exceptions may be granted by the Superintendent.
  5. Respect the coaches, listen to new ideas and at least try them (even if it is awkward,) because it just might help them and the team.
  6. Give 100% effort both at practice and in competitions.
  7. Players will dress neatly for all games that are scheduled home and away. You are representing Anderson School. The dress code is up to the discretion of the coach.
  8. Maintain acceptable behavior and respect for others in times of success and of defeat.
  9. Maintain acceptable behavior and respect during competitions, on the court or on the track, for opposing players, referees, coaches and fans.
  10. Maintain appropriate language at all events.
  11. All players are required to wear the FULL uniform provided by Anderson School.
  12. Uniforms will be provided by the school district for athlete use. Athletes are responsible for the safe keeping, proper laundering after each use, and return of uniform(s) to the coach immediately after the season ends. The athlete will be charged the full cost of the uniform if it is not returned, or returned damaged due to neglect.
  13. Schoolwork comes first.  If an athlete is having difficulties with schoolwork, that is where s/he needs to put in the extra time.  If the athlete is failing a core class (English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies), s/he will not participate in games.  When the failing grade becomes a passing grade, the player can participate in games.  The player may continue to practice but will sit on the bench and not dress out during games.
  14. Students in grades 5 and 6 will experience equal playing time relating to practice effort and attendance.  Students in grades 7 and 8 will have quality playing time depending on individual effort and skills maintained during practice and game time.  ALL playing time is the coaches’ discretion.  Students unhappy with playing time should meet and discuss this topic with their coach.  Parents are greatly encouraged to support coaches.  If the player and parents are not satisfied with playing time and their child has met with the coach, then a meeting with the coach, player, parents and activities director will take place.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to Anderson Athletics.  Please sign and return this form.  For further questions/concerns please see the Anderson Athletic Policy Manual in the Parent/Student School Handbook.


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Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Guardian Concussion Statement


Because of the passage of the Dylan Steiger’s Protection of Youth Athletes Act, schools are required to distribute information sheets for the purpose of informing and educating student-athletes and their parents of the nature and risk of concussion and head injury to student athletes, including the risks of continuing to play after concussion or head injury. Montana law requires that each year, before beginning practice for an organized activity, a student-athlete and the student-athlete’s parent(s)/legal guardian(s) must be given an information sheet, and both parties must sign and return a form acknowledging receipt of the information to an official designated by the school or school district prior to the student-athletes participation during the designated school year. The law further states that a student-athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from play at the time of injury and may not return to play until the student-athlete has received a written clearance from a licensed health care provider.

Student-Athlete Name:

This form must be completed for each student-athlete, even if there are multiple student-athletes in each household.

Parent/Legal Guardian Name(s):
□ We have read the Student-Athlete & Parent/Legal Guardian Concussion Information Sheet. If true, please check box

After reading the information sheet, I am aware of the following information:

Student- Athlete Initials   Parent/Legal Guardian Initials
  A concussion is a brain injury, which should be reported to my parents, my coach(es), or a medical professional if one is available.  
  A concussion can affect the ability to perform everyday activities such as the ability to think, balance, and classroom performance.  
  A concussion cannot be “seen.” Some symptoms might be present right away. Other symptoms can show up hours or days after an injury.  
  I will tell my parents, my coach, and/or a medical professional about my injuries and illnesses. N/A
  If I think a teammate has a concussion, I should tell my coach(es), parents, or licensed health care professional about the concussion. N/A
  I will not return to play in a game or practice if a hit to my head or body causes any concussion-related symptoms. N/A
  I will/my child will need written permission from a licensed health care professional to return to play or practice after a concussion.  
  After a concussion, the brain needs time to heal. I understand that I am/my child is much more likely to have another concussion or more serious brain injury if return to play or practice occurs before concussion symptoms go away.  
  Sometimes, repeat concussions can cause serious and long-lasting problems.  
  I have read the concussion symptoms on the Concussion fact sheet.  



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